Welcome to Brisbane Unplugged Gigs


Welcome to Brisbane Unplugged Gigs!

Door charge $10
Every Tuesday at New Farm Bowls Club 969 Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park

7.30pm - Blackboard (3x10minute spots)
8.15 - 9.00 pm - First Act
9.15 - 10.00 pm - Second Act
So bring your instruments and your voices! The blackboard segment will be first in first served. There is a full bar and food is available at reasonable prices.

Past Performances - May 2010

Date Performers Information

6th Blackboard Night Blackboard Night ..... Read more

13th Helgi Stedman and Fiddlesticks Helgi and The Fiddlesticks will try and take you on a melodic journey that will be as sweet as it is raw. Karen from Fiddlesticks is a relative of Helgi's and so they have decided to play 'another' one-off together. Helgi actually started life as a rock drummer but got convinced to pla..... Read more
Scott Collins Scott is no ordinary plumber. When he opens up his pipes, he flushes out some good music. Scott is one of the organisers of the Bug and has a passion for not only his own music, but that of all the performers appearing...... Read more
The Jar Some of the wildest and most original music you will hear around sunny Brisbane. Drawing on traditional tunes and songs from all over, The JAR also incorporates originals, contemporary pop, rock and modern folk. Songs merge into tunes; Balkan dances lead into songs; lyrical airs take off into jigs..... Read more

20th Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society "After a triumphal feature performance at the inaugural Melbourne Ukulele Festival at the end of February (well, they played there) and a multi-media blitz at the end of April (actually, a 4 minute story on ABC TV's Stateline), the assorted and motley members of Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Societ..... Read more
Katrina Lewry and Nick Weinert Katrina Lewry and Nick Weinert have performed together infrequently since their time in quasi-legendary work band The DPIdols, born in a Nambour tractor shed and reputedly slumbering in a shallow but, mysteriously, well-tended grave somewhere north of Gympie. While coming from different musical bac..... Read more
Mark Dalton and friends. Singing and performing in the region for as many years as he or anyone can remember, has established Mark Dalton as the augury harbinger of the South East Qld musical scene. From Woodford to Woolloongabba, this doyen of Irish Trad, classic rock and euphonic folk has mentored, fostered and encourage..... Read more

27th Innes Campbell and Present Company. Presently Innes is keeping the company of Mick Patrick, and both are excited about performing at the BUg on Thursday night. Mick is a well educated and talented musician, having studied viola at Brisbane's Conservatorium of music. The two share a love of bluegrass, contemporary folk and good son..... Read more
Jelly Jelly is a bit-of-this/bit-of-that musical group from Queensland’s Granite Belt. They are well known entertainers locally where they play at Whiskey Gully Wines, Severnlea. Exposure to the tourist traffic there has given them a wider following in south east Queensland. John Arlidge and daughter Emil..... Read more
Out of Abingdon OUT of ABINGDON combines Tina's ethereal vocals and grooving double bass with Warwick's mesmerizing, intricate guitar work and bluesy vocals creating soulful acoustic lounge music that has enchanted audiences worldwide...... Read more


Bug Info

For those of you who don't know it the New Farm Bowls Club is on Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park. It has a great atmosphere, food, good parking, public transport, and a bar and a kitchen, open till 8.00pm. Click HERE to see what's coming up in the next few weeks.
Email the BUg team for more information or to find out about playing at the BUg.
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